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Established in 2021, GardeRobo AI revolutionized fashion retail by becoming the world's leading product recommendation and marketing content creation platform. Our cutting-edge approach integrates AI-powered visual search, personalization, automated product tagging, and smart in-store solutions, bridging the online and offline shopping gap. Today, we empower top fashion brands across the US, Europe, Asia, and South Africa, catering to apparel, shoes, jewelry, and accessories markets.

Beyond just fashion e-commerce, we cater to all retail formats, from online to physical, omnichannel to mono-brand. Join us in experiencing the future of retail with GardeRobo AI's revolutionary visual solutions!

Why GardeRobo?

Because we tick all the boxes in order for your fashion brands to thrive!
No more boring ‘You May Also Like!

Advantages GardeRobo AI Other Players
Cutting-Edge Technologies Utilizes advanced machine learning, computer vision, and real-time data analysis technologies. Limited adoption of advanced technologies.
Tailored for the Fashion Industry Uniquely designed for the fashion industry, considering its specific needs, trends, and seasonal changes. General-purpose solutions lacking specialization for fashion industry intricacies.
Rapid Data Processing Enables rapid processing of vast data, providing real-time personalized recommendations to customers. Slower data processing, leading to delayed or generic irrelevant recommendations.
Boutique Approach Offers personalized white-labeled solutions through in-depth analysis of partners' issues, ensuring tailored and effective strategies. One-size-fits-all strategies, lacking personalized attention to individual partner needs.
Comprehensive Feature Set Provides personalized features like Personalized Total Look, Shop the Model Look, and Family Look, enhancing user experience. Lack of special features that provide tailored approach.
Dynamic Recommendation Model Utilizes real-time training for the recommendation model, ensuring accuracy and relevance, and adapting to the latest trends. Relies on static recommendation models, missing real-time adaptation to changing market trends.
Customized Analytics for Clients Delivers customized analytics to clients, featuring key indicators influencing sales growth, tailored to individual needs. Provides generic analytics without a specific focus on clients' unique requirements.
Continuous Improvement Implements non-stop A/B testing to evaluate and enhance offerings, ensuring constant delivery of optimal solutions. Lack of systematic approach for continuous testing and improvement, leading to stagnant solutions.

And the best part?

We cater to every brand, even those without ghost mannequins or flat photos. GardeRobo AI offers solutions for diverse and appealing visual content for your product pages, ensuring engaging product recommendations for all. At GardeRobo AI, inclusivity is our priority, making personalized product discovery accessible to all brands, regardless of their starting point.




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Our Goals?

We are on a mission to improve fashion for everyone

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For Business

Assist innovative fashion brands in unlocking convenient, engaging, and omnichannel experiences driving retail success.

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For Stakeholders

Realize the incredible potential of transformative technologies in the fashion sector, rewarding investors supporting our goals.

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For Consumers

Create the perfect retail experience for every shopper, delivering personalized results based on preferences and behaviors.

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For Employees

Provide an encouraging and collaborative environment where employees are free to share, contribute, and create together.

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For Our Planet

Reduce fashion’s environmental cost, support customers in meeting sustainability goals, and foster a greener fashion industry.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Garderobo.AI’s leadership team boasts an average of 20 years of experience in the fashion, beauty, and technology industries, and a portfolio of successes with industry-shapers including Versace, L'Oréal Group and 3DLOOK.

Lilly Menkevich

Lilly Menkevich

Co-founder and CEO

With 20+ years of experience, Lilly held leadership roles in sourcing, distribution, sales and marketing throughout Eastern Europe’s fashion sector before founding Garderobo AI.

Pavel Bedniagin

Pavel Bedniagin


Working in IT since 2004, Pavel co-founded several innovative Medtech and Edtech startups before joining the Garderobo AI team in 2021.

Anastasia Krylova

Anastasia Krylova

Head of Business Development

After starting her career in IT and data visualization, Anastasia has spent 11 years focused on strategy and business development with industry-transforming fashion tech startups.

Maria Samovarova

Maria Samovarova

Head of Marketing

A global marketing executive with a strong fashion tech background. With previous marketing experience in fashion, luxury travel, and beauty products, Maria leads the marketing and PR activities at GardeRobo AI.

In three major destinations, the GardeRobo team is international and interlinked by a passion for fashion innovation!

At Garderobo.ai, we’re always looking for market leaders and industry innovators who share our desire to create more efficient, personalized and sustainable fashion experiences. 

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