Total Look

Get ready to showcase your customers' unique sense of style like never before with Total Look widget by Garderobo! Our dynamic and personalized total looks are designed to be showcased in aesthetic collages that will make your customers feel like fashion icons.

Benefits of the solution


Tailored outfit combinations for every visitor/customer that boost conversion, UPT and AOVs

With tailored outfits that align with each customer's individual style and preferences, you can create an engaging user shopping. Our technology creates a complete outfit collage of a selected item in a carousel of products that match in style and color to complete the look. It works automatically and in real-time!


No more boring ‘You May Also Like’

We understand that every customer has their own unique style and preferences. That's why we've designed our Total Look to be adjustable, giving every user the flexibility to create their own outfits that reflect their individual style. Our customizable Total Look allow users to mix and match different items to create their own outfit collages.


Sell Looks, Not Items: cross-selling through the right outfit combos for every customer, for every product

With Total Look by Garderobo, you can take your cross-selling game to the next level. By featuring items from various categories, our Total Look expand the breadth of your product offerings. Rather than just selling individual items, you can showcase how these items can be combined to create a complete look, inspiring your customers to buy more.


Showcase products from past catalogues pages that customers might have missed otherwise

Total Looks widget allows you to leverage your past catalog pages and bring attention to products that may have gone unnoticed by your customers. By highlighting these products through visually aesthetic outfit recommendations, you can inspire your customers to make a purchase and decrease your inventory stock.

Garderobo in numbers

Transformative results — provided entirely by AI

Garderobo in numbers

Transformative results — provided entirely by AI


increase in add-to-cart rate


increase in units per order


increase in average order value


decrease in return rates

Why choose Total Look?

For businesses:

  • Improves product page appearance
  • Boosts slow-moving inventory sales
  • Drives higher customer engagement, conversions, and repeat purchases
  • Highlights products from past catalog pages

For customers:

  • Personalized stylish outfit recommendations for any budget
  • Quick and effortless outfit selection based on weather, style, and occasion
  • Access to new looks and fashion ideas from the comfort of their own devices
  • Sustainability-first product recommendations, ensuring 100% wearable items

Since launch GardeRobo AI has created over


new outfit combinations

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