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Boost and scale Your Fashion Merchandising with AI-Powered Outfit Creator Toolkit

Benefits of the solution

Innovative, Efficient, and User-Friendly – Revolutionize Your customers E-Commerce Experience

Welcome to the future of fashion e-commerce! Our outfit creator toolkit is designed specifically for merchandisers, stylists, and content creators in the fashion industry. Harness the power of AI to create stunning outfits and capsules efficiently, enhancing both the shopper's experience and your business metrics.

The Future of Fashion E-Commerce: Ahead of the Curve

The biggest impact of this toolkit is its ability to save time while boosting revenue. The ease of creating outfit collages, the one-click feature to replace items, and the ability to place these collages on various site pages, including blogs and product pages, transforms the entire workflow. This efficiency leads to more dynamic content creation, higher conversion rates, and an increase in average order values.

Why choose Merchandise Platform?

For Merchandisers:

  • AI Smart Search - Quickly navigate through e-shop catalogs with our AI Smart Search, making product selection faster and more intuitive than ever.
  • Similar Item Selection - Discover and select items similar to your choice effortlessly, enriching your outfit variety.
  • User-Friendly Interface - Create eye-catching collages with ease on our user-friendly canvas – no technical skills required.
  • Easy Item Replacement - Efficiently swap items in your outfit or capsule with our simplest item replacement feature.
  • AI Assist - Generate multiple outfit variations with a single click using our AI Assist, offering unparalleled convenience.
  • One-Click Content Delivery - Seamlessly integrate and deliver content on e-shop pages to engage and convert your customers.

For E-Shop:

  • Versatile Integration - Easily integrate collages on various site pages, email marketing, and VIP client services with our versatile recommendation widgets.
  • Interactive Shopping Experience - Enhance shopping by allowing customers to interact with outfits, choose sizes, customize looks, and add items to their cart directly from the widget.
  • Wishlist Feature - Let shoppers save their favorite collages to a Wish List for a personalized and memorable shopping experience.

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