Remove the hassle from apparel ecommerce shopping

Boost revenue, reduce returns and champion sustainability with’s Cyber Stylist - the AI-powered fashion ecommerce personalization tool.

Personalized online shopping experiences — entirely automated

Omnichannel customer experiences for fashion retail, helping shoppers to spend more in less time

Convenient, engaging and omnichannel customer experiences for fashion retail, helping shoppers to spend more in less time

Turn your store into the ultimate online style guide

Dynamic product recommendations that respond to customer choices in real-time to engage shoppers and sell stock.

Streamline the apparel shopping journey

Make browsing easier with our powerful ecommerce personalization tool and elevate your conversion rate.

Create an omnichannel customer experience

Target shoppers with items that complement their look — whether they're in-store or online. Cross-sell and boost AOV without lifting a finger.

A tailored clothing recommendation solution

Seven customizable solutions for any clothing segment. Provide personalized online shopping experiences to grow engagement and customer loyalty.

Effortlessly achieve your sustainability goals

Match shoppers with products that suit their style, and they will love, buy and keep. Instantly improve return rates and stock turnover to reduce the environmental cost to our planet.

Sit back and let AI do the heavy lifting…

Tailored ecommerce product recommendations

that deliver results for shoppers, stakeholders and our planet — with minimal effort

Using GardeRobo, retailers have achieved:

Sit back and let AI do the heavy lifting... Using GardeRobo,
retailers have achieved:


Conversion rates, strengthening brand loyalty and customer satisfaction


AOV, reducing losses from overproduction and surplus stock


Returns, protecting our environment against unnecessary emissions


units per transaction, boosting revenue and accelerating stock turnover

More numbers from GardeRobo AI


upsale ratio through Cyber Stylist


API Calls served since 2022


customers engagement rate


personal recommendations generated with AI


CRR (customer retention rate)


product photos recognized with the computer vision

What shoppers say about us

RECOMMENDED by retailers... CHERISHED by consumers

“It used to drive me crazy having to scroll through ugly outfits, but now I can upload a picture and see the stuff I’m interested in straight away. My bank account isn’t too happy, but at least I look good!!”


Happy Shopper

“I’ve never really had an eye for fashion and usually I’d end up hating most of the stuff I bought. With these clothing recommendations, I’m actually enjoying shopping for the first time… I just wish I could use it on every store.”


Happy Shopper

“I can’t count how many times I’ve given up on a purchase I loved because I couldn’t find anything to pair it with. Now I have complete outfits without even thinking about it. I still can’t believe it’s so easy!”


Happy Shopper

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