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    Quick Survey for Fashion E-commerce Professionals


    We support AI that assists rather than replaces humans! Let's build a better digital merchandiser copilot to boost your productivity and deliver greater value to your customers! Just answer a few easy questions!

    1. Core Usage and Challenges

    Describe your current outfit, capsule, promotion selection creation process. What steps are involved?

    What tools are integral to your current workflow, and where do they fall short?

    Recall a recent challenge you faced with these tools. What happened, and what was the impact?

    How do you currently handle these challenges? Describe the last action you took to resolve such an issue.

    2. Integration and Technical Needs

    How critical is seamless integration with your existing e-commerce platform (various site pages, email marketing channel, and VIP client services)?

    Have you encountered any integration problems with new tools? Please specify.

    3. Desired Features and Adoption Potential

    Which missing features from your current tools would significantly improve your productivity?

    What concerns do you have about adopting new technologies?

    Would you consider a pilot test with a new AI-assisted outfit, capsule, promotion selection creation tool? Why or why not?

    4. Metrics and Success Evaluation

    What metrics do you use to evaluate the success of your merchandising activities?

    How important is personalization in your content creation process?

    5. Financial Preferences and Decision-making

    What is your preferred payment model for new services (monthly subscriptions, or annual contracts)? Explain your choice.

    Within what budget range does your company typically invest in new tools? How is this budget decided?

    6.Additional Insights and Networking

    Can you recommend anyone else in your organization or industry who could provide further insights?

    Are there any additional questions or topics that should have been covered in this survey?

    Thanks for your time and insights!

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