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    Quick Survey for Fashion E-commerce Professionals


    We’re seeking insights from fashion e-commerce professionals to enhance our outfit creation tool. Your feedback is invaluable and greatly appreciated!

    1. Background

    Your role (e.g., Merchandiser, Stylist):

    Type of organization (e.g., Brand, E-shop) and numbers of merchandisers in your team:

    Years of experience:

    2. Current Process and Pain

    Briefly describe your outfit creation process:

    Tools/software currently in use:

    How much time do you typically spend on creating one outfit?

    Main challenges (time-consuming or difficult) with current tools/process:

    How important is the speed of outfit creation in your work?:

    3. Desired Features and Preferences

    What features would you value in an outfit creation tool:

    Experience with AI tools (Yes/No; brief comments):

    Desired features for productivity boost (e.g. AI Smart Search, User-Friendly Canvas, AI Assist, mobile adopted):

    4. Engagement and Success Metrics

    Key success metrics for outfits (e.g., sales, engagement):

    Top elements for engaging outfits:

    Impact of outfit personalization (Scale 1-10):

    5. Integration Needs

    Importance of seamless integration to various site pages, email marketing channel, and VIP client services (Scale 1-10):

    Integration challenges (if any):

    6.Potential Adoption and Feedback

    Based on the description, how likely are you to use outfit creator tool with AI assistance to boost your productivity?

    What would make this tool more appealing to you and your organization?

    Would you be interested in participating in a pilot program for this tool?

    Thanks for your time and insights!

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