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From head to toe, let your customers easily purchase every item worn by the models on your product page photos, making it easier than ever to recreate their favorite looks. Once some of the products your model is wearing are going out of stock, AI makes sure that a similar item is recommended to keep the look complete.

How To Use Shop The Model Look

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Benefits of the solution


Upselling Perfection:
Elevate Your Sales with
Multi-Category Recommendations

Turn browsing into buying! Our advanced algorithm identifies items on model photos from multiple categories. Seamlessly upsell to your customers, offering them a curated selection of items that perfectly complement their chosen attire. Boost your sales and exceed customer expectations with personalized recommendations that take their style to the next level.


Step into Style:
Recreate Customers’
Favorite Models' Looks
with Ease

Let them experience fashion like never before! Engage your customers with immersive shopping experiences that allow them to recreate their favorite models' looks effortlessly. Our advanced technology identifies every item worn by the models and finds them in your product catalog, making it simple for customers to replicate the styles they love.


Offer complete looks -
ensure a balanced
distribution of sales

Enhance the shopping experience by offering visually appealing and well-coordinated outfits, leading to increased customer satisfaction and higher purchase rates. Optimize inventory management and minimize stock imbalances between different product categories, ensuring a balanced distribution of sales. Streamline operations and cater to evolving customer preferences by providing cohesive and curated fashion choices.


Visual Delight: Engage Customers with
Visually Attractive
Product Displays

Our advanced technology seamlessly integrates model photos with product images, creating stunning visual displays that showcase your fashion offerings in the most enticing way. To add more, your customers will be able to share their favourite looks with our social sharing button option. Elevate your brand's image and drive customer engagement with PDPs that leave a lasting impression. 

Garderobo in numbers

Transformative results — provided entirely by AI

Garderobo in numbers

Transformative results — provided entirely by AI


increase in add-to-cart rate


increase in units per order


increase in average order value


decrease in return rates

Why choose Shop the Model Look?

For businesses:

  • Sell by looks, not by items
  • Boost sales and sell products evenly
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • Improved Shopping Satisfaction
  • Time-Saving

For customers:

  • Easy Access to Inspired Styles
  • Streamlined Shopping Experience
  • Confidence in Purchasing
  • Discover New Products
  • Fashion Inspiration and Guidance

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