Lacoste Turkey Partners with GardeRobo AI for Enhanced Online Shopping Experience

Lacoste Turkey, part of the Eren Group, is revolutionizing online shopping through a new collaboration with GardeRobo AI, a cutting-edge fashion e-commerce personalization platform. This strategic partnership aims to elevate the shopping experience by providing customers with tailored outfit recommendations based on their style preferences and online interactions. The ultimate goal is to increase the brand's average order value and units per transaction.

The initiative will begin with a pilot launch on Lacoste Turkey's website, with plans for future global expansion. Previously, Lacoste's digital merchandising team spent a considerable amount of time manually updating product recommendations. However, with the implementation of GardeRobo's AI-powered tool, this process is now automated, saving the team up to 98% of their time. This efficiency allows the team to concentrate on more strategic tasks such as branding and content strategy.

The Total Look widget by GardeRobo offers outfit recommendations displayed in collages or carousels, featuring both flat and on-model photos. These customizable recommendation collages enable shoppers to easily swap out items, enhancing the user experience.

“Our collaboration with GardeRobo AI will truly transform Lacoste’s digital merchandising team. By automating processes, the Total Look widget not only streamlines operations but also boosts efficiency, enabling the team to focus more on strategic initiatives. For our customers, GardeRobo’s cloud platform brings a playful and enjoyable shopping experience. We're committed to delivering not just convenience, but also engagement and visual allure in every interaction.”

Leyla İpekçi, Head of E-commerce at Eren Perakende Holding

"This partnership with Lacoste Turkey marks the beginning of a journey to deliver top-notch shopping experiences tailored to modern customers' preferences. By integrating our widget into Lacoste Turkey's product pages, we're enabling an interactive virtual stylist experience that enhances customer engagement and satisfaction."

Lilly Menkevich, CEO and Co-founder of GardeRobo AI

Through this partnership, Lacoste Turkey and GardeRobo AI are setting new standards in the online fashion retail space, blending advanced technology with a deep understanding of customer needs to create a more engaging and efficient shopping experience.

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