Shop Smarter: Unveiling GardeRobo AI's Shop The Model Solution

Many fashion brands and retailers choose on-model photography to showcase their products due to several advantages. Firstly, using human models adds a vibrant and personal touch to e-commerce, infusing products with personality and life that mannequins lack. Models can depict products in action, helping customers imagine incorporating them into their lives. Secondly, models promote diversity and inclusion, reflecting the varied consumer demographics and addressing the importance of representation in businesses. Thirdly, models allow for highlighting intricate product details, that may be overlooked in flat lays or mannequin shots. They also showcase movement and overall garment shape, making ready-to-wear products more relatable. Lastly, models contribute to storytelling, enhancing brand identity, and creating aspirational lifestyles for customers, guiding them on a product journey.

Certainly, photos featuring models offer numerous advantages to grab attention, and the investment in these images guides shoppers toward making a purchase. However, on the flip side, these model photos pose a different dilemma: the customer adores the complete look and is eager to buy. Yet, how can they locate all the individual items the model is wearing if there's no corresponding list available on the retailer's website?

Let’s imagine Harry is shopping on the brand X website and adores the model total look he has just found on the brand X website:

Harry is keen on purchasing every element of this outfit, except for the sneakers, which he feels are too bland for the ensemble. Unfortunately, poor Harry is faced with a time-consuming task. To buy each item, he has to invest about 20 minutes scouring the product pages individually. This is because, on the product pages, he only receives unrelated recommendations for similar products that don't align with the specific items in the desired look. Harry's shopping experience unfolds into something like this: 

Customers usually waste lots of time browzing for the specific item of the look

In the process of hunting down each piece of the outfit, he grows increasingly bored and contemplates settling for just one item from the ensemble or even abandoning the brand's website altogether.

Does this scenario resonate with you? Are you satisfied with your current conversion rate and customer retention? If your response is, "Oh, that sounds like me, and I'm not pleased with my conversion rate," we have a solution for you!

Introducing the 'Shop the Model Look' solution by GardeRobo AI! Our widget is designed to inspire customers by helping them easily find the perfect matches for their selected items. Once a product is chosen, customers can easily purchase the other pieces that complete the outfit worn by the model. Users also have the option to explore items similar to those in the look, providing them with alternative suggestions and creative ideas. And the best part? Once some of the products your model is wearing are going out of stock, AI makes sure that a similar item is recommended automatically and in real time to keep the look complete.

With GardeRobo AI's widget you not only save your customers' time, but also let them be their own look creator!

Now, with our widget installed, Harry can effortlessly purchase the entire desired look with just one click. Moreover, if Harry isn't fond of the sneakers suggested in the outfit, he can quickly swap them out with his preferred choice using our widget in just a few clicks. This way, he can personalize the look to match his taste perfectly

As a result, Harry is thrilled with his order, and your brand experiences a boost in conversion rates, cross-sell opportunities, and customer retention. Harry is satisfied because he now has a complete outfit he's sure to wear, making him inclined to return and recommend your shop to his friends!
'Shop the Model Look' addresses the needs of countless customers who often seek the right combination of items. With 'Shop the Model Look,' GardeRobo fulfills a genuine customer demand for many online stores, offering significant added value. Now, customers can effortlessly shop for complete outfits and explore alternative products with just a single click. So what are you waiting for? Request your Demo today and make your customers happy just like Harry is!

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