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A checklist for sustainability-seeking fashion brands

Fashion costs our environment dearly, accounting for an estimated 10% of human-made greenhouse gas emissions. And its impact is only getting worse, with fashion production expected to triple by 2030. With global warming on track to exceed 1.5°C — viewed as the ‘tipping point’ for large-scale irreversible damage — within the next decade, the industry […]

Breaking the dominance of brick-and-mortar retail: Addressing apparel e-commerce’s pain points

Global e-commerce sales have been growing at an annual rate of 19.4% over the past five years, owing to the convenience of online shopping. Shoppers can browse whenever it suits them, compare prices across multiple retailers, and checkout without changing their pajamas. And yet, consumers are still opting to venture out to freshen up their […]

From offline to online and back again: The importance of a modern omnichannel experience

Modern shoppers are a diverse bunch, each desiring a personalized retail experience. But they share some similarities: Notably, they’re more than happy to walk away when brands fail to meet their desires. Some customers like to browse on their smartphones, others through social media. Video games, voice assistants, live streaming… Research by McKinsey shows that more than […]

Industry Insights: Exploring the Key Challenges Shaping Fashion in 2023/2024

The fashion sector has gained renown for its substantial impact on the environment, encompassing factors such as carbon emissions, water consumption, chemical contamination, and the proliferation of waste. The task of upholding equitable compensation, secure labor environments, and morally principled treatment of workers across the worldwide supply network remains an ongoing and pressing endeavor.

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